We are the first frame contractor that now can offer climate positive concrete frames. Sustainability and climate are strategic priorities for us at K-Prefab. We are constantly working to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and thus our carbon footprint.

Our roadmap for climate positive concrete frames

As part of our long-term environmental work we developed a roadmap to be able to offer our customers climate positive concrete frames already now. The following steps are included in our roadmap.

  1. Analysis of our environmental impact
  2. Actions to significantly reduce our own climate impact
  3. Carbon offsetting where our own measures are not quite enough to become climate positive

The Life cycle of concrete


The production of the frame is only one part of the life cycle of the concrete. All together, the benefits of the concrete frame become a more climate smart choice.

Benefits of the concrete frame

  • Dense, low energy consumption
  • Heavy and heat sluggish
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Fireproof
  • Moisture proof
  • Good insulating properties
  • Made of natural material
  • Aesthetic with endless possibilities
  • Resumes carbon dioxide during its lifetime
  • Can be fully recycled

Our Climate target-50 percent

Actions to reduce our own climate impact?

  • Local manufacturing gives locally produced concrete frames
  • Development of EPDs for analysis and measures
  • Increase the utilization rate and enhance environmental requirements on transports
  • Change to fossil-free fuel for heating
  • Minimize waste in all our processes
  • Local recycling of residual materials
  • Recycling of included material
  • Optimization of recipes in our production

Carbon offsets

We are carbon offsetting through a bio energy project that is CDM certified according to the United Nations CDM (Clean Development Mechanism). The project also meets the Gold Standard criteria, which is a quality standard supported by several environmental organizations. Tricorona is our partner in mediating the investment in the carbon offset project. We follow the independent standard for carbon neutrality – ISO 14021, which means that we compensate CO2e to 100%. To offer climate positive frames, we compensate an additional 15% CO2e. Our project for carbon offsetting contributes to several of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Global climate goals

"“We love our concrete! We can now offer our customers climate positive concrete frames by first of all reducing our own carbon footprint and also by offsetting carbon emissions. Since a concrete frame has a long lifetime, it is an excellent building material when you think long-term, like we do. We are proud of our investment for a sustainable future”"

Contact me for additional information about how we can build climate smart together.


Kaj Grönvall, CEO K-Prefab

0702 – 66 71 79


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