Retaining Walls L-support – 5 KN/M2 Earth force


K-Prefab has developed a wide program for retaining walls that can be used for everything from gardens, to large infrastructure projects. Our 5 kN/m2 retaining walls are suitable for light vehicle and truck traffic.

The retaining walls support soil laterally, retaining it so that different ground levels can be achieved on each side of it. It can also be used as a wall embedded in the ground as a separating barrier handling different materials, for instance, underneath a parking plot and its neighbouring garden landscape.

K-Prefab offers smooth grey walls, but also walls with a matrix pattern or a surface with exposed stone ballast. If you want something extra unique and beautiful, we create retaining walls using graphic concrete.

K-Prefab´s assortment in stock has retaining walls with the standard lengths of 2400 mm, supplementing these we have retaining walls with fixed 90degree corners. . The corners always have the length of 2 x 1200 mm. Fittings and special walls can be delivered on request.

Product data

Retaining wall 5kN/m2





Thickness (t)

80 mm

100 mm

120 mm

120 mm

5 kN7m2 (q)

400-1000 mm

600-2100 mm

900 – 3000 mm

>3000 – 4700 mm


Round, r=200 mm



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