Solid walls


We offer custom designed prefabricated walls of high-quality grade concrete, with various different finishes and structures for industrial use, offices, agriculture and residential housing. The wall panels are manufactured in an indoor environment, under very strict quality controls. This enables us to guarantee a consistently high quality all year around. Concrete is a safe choice of material, it does not burn or mould and requires minimal maintenance.

Solid wall panels, including inner walls and apartment separating walls are casted in standard thicknesses 150, 200 and 220 mm. Our apartment separating walls, stairwells and elevator walls consists, in the basic design, of prefabricated concrete elements with a thickness of 200 mm. We also have 220 mm thick apartment separating walls that offer a higher level of noise reduction. The cast surface is smooth and the other side is rolled. 

Solid wall panels are used as quiet and fireproof apartment separating walls. The wall has high bearing and a flexible area of use.