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A cookie (cookie) is a small text file that the website you visit saves on your computer to make your visit to the website as user-friendly as possible. It allows you to recognize your computer / IP address and to collect information about the pages and functions you visit. A cookie is passive and cannot spread computer viruses or other programs.

The first time you visit our site you will see a banner announcing that we use cookies. If you do not want us to use cookies, you must disable cookies in your browser. However, you should keep in mind that there may be services and features that you cannot use because they need cookies to remember the choices you make. You can follow the guide below if you want instructions on how to remove cookies from your browser. uses two different types of cookies. Session cookies: These are temporarily stored on your computer when you visit our site and disappear as soon as you close your browser. Permanent cookies: These remain on your computer for a long period of time until you remove them or until they are set to expire. K-Prefab uses cookies placed on your computer either directly (first-party cookies) by or by third parties (Third-party cookies) to improve our visitors’ experience. uses cookies to facilitate the use of the website and to make the pages load faster on your computer (Sessions cookie), improve your experience of the site by saving your site, what you have added to the shopping list and some choices you have made (Permanent Cookies), analyze and improve how our visitors use our website with the help of Google Analytics (Both Sessions and Permanent Cookies) and improve our response in our communication channels such as chat where previous chat sessions are saved (Permanent Cookies). More information about the cookies that Google Analytics sets is available here: Cookies & Google Analytics.

Settings for removing cookies from your browser:

You can visit and use our website without cookies but then some of our features will not work properly. If you do not want to allow the storage of cookies on your computer, you can turn off the possibility of this in your browser’s security settings, then functions on both our and other websites will be limited.

Internet Explorer

To delete existing cookies: Click on “Tools” in the far right of the command list / “Internet Options” / “General” / “General” / “Delete” / and then select “Preserve” Favorites website data ”and“ Cookies ”/“ Delete ”/“ OK ”.

How to avoid storing cookies in the future: Click “Tools” at the far right of the command list / “Internet Options” / “Privacy” / Privacy “/ under” InPrivate “select” Do not collect data for use by InPrivate Filtering ”/“ OK ”.

Mozilla Firefox

To remove existing cookies: Click on “Tools” in the menu list, select “Options”, select “Privacy”, “Remove all individual cookies”, select ” Remove All Cookies ”(Remove All Cookies).

Here’s how to avoid storing cookies in the future: Click on “tools” in the menu list, select “Options”, select “Privacy”, and select “Set for sites I don’t want to be tracked” ( Tell websites I don’t want to be tracked ”).

Google Chrome

To delete existing cookies: Click on the tool icon at the top of the menu list, select “tools”, select “clear browsing data”, select “Empty the cache” and “delete cookies” and other site and plugin data “(Delete cookies and other sites data), select” Clear browsing data “.

How to avoid storing cookies in the future: Click Chrome’s menu icon in the browser toolbar, select “Settings”, select “show advanced settings”, select “privacy”, select “content settings” (Content settings), “Cookies”, “Block cookies and third party website data” (Block cookies by default).