We are a full service frame contractor who take responsibility throughout the whole process, from project planning, design and production to installation and assembly. With us, you can feel confident that we deliver a safe and sustainable building system with our knowledge and long experience. And together, we will ensure that you will have a cost-effective complete solution with high quality.

About us

We are one of the leading producers of prefabricated concrete and are ready to serve you as a full service frame contractor. Using our own different frame concepts, we are embracing the future developing and building multifamily housing, offices, public- industrial- and agricultural buildings. We also provide a wide range of products; wall panels, foundations, floor structures, balconies, staircases, etc. This all combined enables us to offer complete and innovative solutions that are based on, and in consonance with your particular project and its specific requests and requirements.

Naturally we will operate and guide your project with the greatest of responsibility from start to finish. We are present every step of the way offering and ensuring high quality project planning, design, production, delivery and assembly. Our goal is to deliver the right quality for your project as smooth, safe and cost effective as possible. We are a nationwide supplier. This has the benefiting effect that all of our products are locally produced. It also means that we have a strong commitment firmly built in to the local marked. At the moment we are 600 employees and we have a turnover of 1,2 billion kronor.

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Sustainability in focus

Sustainability and climate are strategic priorities for us at K-Prefab. We constantly work to optimize our frame concept in terms of reduction of the environment impact from our prefabricated frames and our carbon footprint. We strive to make it a long-term option when choosing our frame concept. Our updated environmental product declarations show that we are constantly improving and reducing the products’ climate footprint. Our frame concept is at the forefront in terms of climate improved concrete.

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