Sustainable concrete frames

Build sustainable with us!

Sustainable concrete frames

Sustainability and climate are strategic priorities for us at K-Prefab. We are constantly working to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and thus our carbon footprint.

We strive to be at the forefront in our industry in terms of sustainability. Through continuous improvement we shall make every effort to reduce climate impact from our frames.  We aim for fossil-free manufacturing in our own factories.

Our products are often used in buildings that shall be environmentally certified according to different standards. For the assessment in each project to be as good as possible, we strive to optimise our products from both environmental and quality point of view.

Build climate smart with us!

The Life cycle of concrete

The production of the frame is only one part of the life cycle of the concrete. All together, the benefits of the concrete frame become a more climate smart choice.

Benefits of the concrete frame

  • Dense, low energy consumption
  • Heavy and heat sluggish
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Fireproof
  • Moisture proof
  • Good insulating properties
  • Made of natural material
  • Aesthetic with endless possibilities
  • Resumes carbon dioxide during its lifetime
  • Can be fully recycled

Actions to reduce our own climate impact?

  • Local manufacturing gives locally produced concrete frames
  • Development of EPDs for analysis and measures
  • Increase the utilization rate and enhance environmental requirements on transports
  • Change to fossil-free fuel for heating
  • Minimize waste in all our processes
  • Local recycling of residual materials
  • Recycling of included material
  • Optimization of recipes in our production

Climate action – minimize waste

K-Prefab constantly works to minimize waste in the manufacturing process. One of our sustainability projects is to reuse the residual concrete you get when casting elements. The concrete is poured into molds which, when full, become a concrete block that can be used, for example, to separate bulk material in different types of environments.

Our first project with climate positive frame was  Housing project Kv. Mammutträdet in Ystad.

The project consists of 3 houses with a total of 87 apartments.


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