Caring about the future


Our way of working with sustainability

We have a positive view of people in our relationship with each other and work together towards common goals to achieve added value for our customers and all our employees.

Long-term, Innovative thinking and Caring are three words that describe how we see ourselves, how we want to act and how we wish to be experienced by others.

Climate and environment – ecological sustainability 

We are constantly working to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and thus our carbon footprint. Our strategy is to be at the forefront in our industry in terms of sustainability. With continuous improvement we make every effort to reduce climate impact from our frames, through for example optimization of recipes in our production. We aim for fossil-free manufacturing in our own factories. We minimize waste in all our processes and recycle residual materials. Read more: Sustainable Concrete frames

Sustainable workplace, sustainable development of the society – social sustainability

We want to be a responsible and attractive employer. We work systematically for a good and safe work environment and for equal opportunity, equality and diversity.  

Our relationships are based on job satisfaction and loyalty. We seek to see the needs of the entire team and to take care of each other. When we see the big picture, take responsibility for our tasks and are sincere, we are also able to develop our own skill. With caring we make the business and each other better every day.

With our engagement in various organizations we want to contribute to a sustainable social development and to give support where it does the most good.
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Sustainable company – economic sustainability

One of our core values is Long-term. In everything we do, our perspective is eternity. In all relationships (external and internal), we work efficiently and long-term to be a profitable, successful and sustainable company and a long-term partner.

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