Sponsorship engagements

With our engagement in various organizations, we want to contribute to a sustainable development in society and to give support where it does the most good. To create and manage good relationship to local. Regional and global activities that promote the development and wellbeing of children and young people is important to us in our daily work.  

We want to sponsor local clubs, associations and organizations in areas such as sports, culture and society and to be partners with organizations that work to reduce poverty in the world.With sponsorship we want to create and maintain good relations with current and future co-workers and at the same time hopefully contribute to improvements and successes in the areas we sponsor.

We encourage all activity that promotes the health of our employees because we believe that healthy employees are happier and perform better.  


Our engagement is linked to the purpose of promoting relations and to enhance our brand. We demand that our partners comply with the values and the code of conduct we work by. We always strive for a return in our collaborations and encourage joint activities, visibility for our brand and a commitment that provides the conditions to involve our staff.

We encourage the commitments our employees have because we believe it is important to have balance between work, personal life and physical and mental health.

Your application

Please send us your application with a description of your business, your purpose with our commitment, a summary of the business’s values and how we can contribute in the best way.

You are welcome to send in application for sponsoring to e-mail:

Questions, please contact

For information about how K-Prefab processes personal data, read  www.kprefab.se/integritetspolicy


Our Engagements

Below you can read about some of the associations and organizations we work with today.

Dandelion – a project for dandelion children in South Africa

Hestrafors IF

Men´s world floorball championship