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We are a complete frame contractor with long experience of building frames. We believe in smart solutions that are easy to customize for rent. Our solutions are sustainable and climate smart with low operating costs.

From idea to a complete frame

We offer a fast, secure and cost efficient solution. As a full service frame contractor, we are responsible for the entire construction of the frame. All the way from project planning and manufacturing until the assembly. We are involved from the beginning and together with you we can create buildings for the future.

Safety, environment and economics

Our frames consists of standardised components that provide a fast construction. All the different parts are assembled in a short period of time to a complete masonry building. You get a stable frame structure with minimal maintenance and an energy efficient concrete frame with low U-values, which meet high environmental standards. Our prefabricated frame concept creates possibilities for a fast assembly. This improves the economy through, among other things, earlier occupancy. This in return creates a better overall economy for the finished building.

Variety and choices

We deliver a solution with well insulated exterior walls, solid inner walls, stairways, balconies, lift shafts and solid floor structures with embedded pipes for electricity, ventilation and plumbing. We can also install your windows for a completed building. We also offer great freedom of choice in façade expressions. The combination of flexible plans, aesthetics, form and function creates possibilities for you to construct offices or commercial buildings with a strong identity.

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