Prestressed solid floor structures

K-Prefab manufactures custom-made, prefabricated concrete elements that are produced indoors.



K-Prefab offers fast to assembly prestressed solid floor structures, which have a span of up to 10 meters thanks to its unique combination of high flexibility and high degree of fabrication. Thanks to the high-grade fabrication, you will save precious time on the construction site. The floor structures are already equipped with floor drains, embedded wastewater pipes and balcony mountings/brackets. All that’s left to do at the construction site is to apply liquid filler putty. No casting needed.

Finished ceilings

Another time saver is that the slab underneath is smooth and even. That means it’s without any extra work straight away a finished ceiling for the apartment below. A third and probably the most important time saver is that the floor structure is manufactured in our dry and controlled indoor environment. Because of this, the assembly is fast. In fact, as much as three times faster than conventional prefabricated construction production.

The floor structure element has a width of up to 3.0 metres, and for normal loads the floor struc­ture can be executed in lengths up to 10 metres. The standard slab thickness of the floor structure is 230 mm, but that can be varied.