The stairs and the stairwell are important for the feeling of the building. They are often the first thing you see, and a good first impression is important for the perception of the entire building. If the staircase is pleasant, functional and beautiful it becomes a welcoming feature for both residents and visitors.

K-Prefab has customised stairs and standard stairs for both indoor and outdoor environments. They are robust, “quiet”, sustainable and easy to install, and they are always delivered completely ready to use. You can choose between straight staircases, with or without resting landing and curved. K-Prefab's stairs are designed according to EKS, and are CE marked and meet fire class requirements according to current standards. Whichever version you choose, you can get it in grey, or Terrazzo polished. If the stairs are to be covered with another material, tiles, wood or plastic carpet, we deliver the stairs in gray concrete ready for coating. K-Prefab sells stairs according to ABM or for projects, as part of the concrete frame.

Terrazzo polished ground stairs

Terrazzo polished staircases have ancestry that dates all the way back to antiquity. A terrazzo staircase is exclusive, elegant and will age beautifully. The stairs consist of a concrete mosaic where the ballast pebble is ground in several stages. You can choose from a number of different versions. The size and colour of the ballast pebbles and the colouration of the concrete is for you to choose. Only your imagination will set the limits designing how your own unique Terrazzo Stair shall look. In addition to the aesthetically pleasing surface, it also becomes smooth, durable and easy to maintain. It fits great in environments that are exposed to a lot of use.

Terrazzo colors

We have a large range of terrazzo colors in different price ranges. Please note that the image and sample may differ. Contact us for samples. The first and last steps can be done in a different color as contrast marking of level differences for visually impaired.

Outdoor stairs

For cantilever stairs for outdoor use, we have a non slippery surface, giving foothold when it’s cold and slippery outside. Outdoor stairs can also be made of block steps in concrete. Read more about it here