Why concrete and concrete frames?

Concrete is one of the oldest and most important building materials in the world. The material has laid the foundation for sustainable community building and is part of our lives. Since the concrete has a long service life of at least 100 years, it is an excellent building material long-term. Using a concrete frame is efficient, moisture-proof and durable. Read more about our frame concept here.


A building made of concrete is safe and cost-effective, as it stays airtight, which results in low energy consumption and low operating costs. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance – while it easily withstands both moisture and frost. Concrete is fire resistant and does not mold. Its long life cycle also contributes to a high resale value.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to the final appearance and design of the concrete. This provides a great flexibility which give room for great creativity both out- and indoors. Colour, shape, pattern and texture – everything can be varied and tailored to the current needs and requirements.

Long term

During the long life cycle of the concrete the material has the ability to naturally absorb carbon dioxide. This means that a large amount of the carbon dioxide generated during the manufacturing period, later can return to the material through absorption. A concrete building usually has a life span of at least 100 years.


Thanks to the excellent insulation properties of the material, concrete contributes to a comfortable indoor climate and a healthy environment. Throughout its life cycle it shuts out and protects against noise and disturbing sounds from neighbours, traffic and building installations.

Energy efficient

Being a heavy and heat sluggish material concrete can be used to store both heat and cold. This gives us great opportunities to build buildings that are energy efficient with a low energy consumption as a consequence.


Consisting of limestone, clay, stone and water, concrete is a completely natural material with unique properties that lasts for generations. Concrete can either be reused or fully recycled. This is good for the environment and contributes to a sustainable society.



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