A balcony is an extension of the apartment – an outdoor space that adds value both financially and comfortably to the accommodation. A balcony can also be something beautiful on the façade, making the building more appealing.

We manufacture secure, stylish, robust, “quiet” and maintenance free balconies. We use well proven technology in order to avoid thermal bridges and to facilitate accessibility. The balconies are available in two different basic designs –inspired clamped balconies, that are clamped in the floor structure and balconies resting on pillars. In addition, the shape can be varied; for instance with rounded or chamfered corners. The upper surface of the balcony is rolled and the other sides are moulded to a smooth shape. Casting of supplied brackets is always included.

Inspired clamped balconies

The clamped balcony can be made practically in any length, but the maximum dimension free from the facade wall is 2 m. The balcony is clamped in the floor structure. 

Balconies on pillars

Balconies on pillars can be made in many sizes. The most common is that it rests on pillars at the front edge and on the wall at the rear end. The pillars can be made rectangular or round, made either from concrete or steel.