Sandwich wall panels


We offer custom designed prefabricated exterior walls of high-quality grade concrete, with various different finishes and structures for industrial use, offices, agriculture and residential housing. The wall panels are manufactured in an indoor environment, under very strict quality controls. This enables us to guarantee a consistently high quality all year around. Concrete is a safe choice of material, it does not burn or mould and requires minimal maintenance.

The priming and mounting of windows can be done at the factory, as an extra service. The inside of the wall consists of a rolled or smooth surface. It is only your imagination that sets the limits for the look of the exterior walls. The dimensions are customised to your requirements.

Sandwich wall panels are constructed with two concrete slabs with intermediate insulation, where the inside panel always are the bearing. The wall panels are delivered with a ready to use, maintenance-free structure. The surface structure is designed in conjunction with the casting of the external concrete slab, which means that you can choose between different looks and characters and have a safe and sustainable surface. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication, a rational construction is guaranteed, with quick assembly and a minimal amount of finishing work.