Pier footing and edge beam

We manufacture pier footings for warehouses, barn buildings, industrial halls, logistic centres, business houses, showrooms, agricultural houses, stables and more. Our pier footings are aimed at steel frames, glulam frames and concrete frames. The pier footings can be combined with prefabricated wall elements from K-Prefab, which gives you flexible solid and environmentally adapted solutions.

Our pier footings can be supplemented with lengthwise edge beams, bases or walls. The pier footings in concrete are specially designed to bear the weight from the building and to be used as base for edge beams. The edge beams are assembled between the pier footings, without casting. The base and wall elements are assembled after the frame assembly. If it’s a large building that requires big pier footings, the assembly is done using a mobile crane or a crane lorry. The foundation of a normal sized building is assembled during the course of one day. When the pier footing assembly is done it offers a stable and secure foundation